Sunday, June 13, 2010

Recent Jamie Sharper Baby Mamma Drama

So, who has an actual picture of Jamie Sharpers baby mamma Marquette? Do Northern Chick and Boredatwork know each other? They both sound like Houston groupies. Boredatwork was writing dissertations and shit. Who the hell is "Potsie"? Can either Boredatwork and Northern Chick let us know what's really going on.


  1. Anonymous15/6/10

    WTF is "Bany" Mamma? Bitch you slow. Blog FAIL

  2. Anonymous15/6/10


  3. Anonymous18/6/10

    What is the "site that can't be named" and why can't it be named? Thanks.

  4. Anonymous19/6/10

    talksportsnet if you talk shit there, Condi is cool with the owner and they compare ip's. a few lsa members went there to talk shit and Condi exposed them by comparing ips with owner. now the site is banned on lsa

  5. Anonymous27/3/11

    jamie sharper has no kids... his brother Darren does.

  6. Anonymous11/6/11

    i agree... i belive he has no children

  7. Anonymous8/8/11

    "Potsie" is James Farrior's nickname and has been for many years.

  8. Jamie does have a little girl. She should be going on two.

    1. Anonymous5/6/12

      Rere60644 that's a lie. Jamie has no childeren. The only little girl he's got is the one he fuks with! ;-)

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  22. Anonymous4/4/14

    Where's everyone?

  23. Anonymous19/6/17

    how is Darren's appeal going? any of his girl still in contact?